yeh rishta kya kehlata hai

star pius longest running show yeh rishts kys kehlata hai is gearing up for high voltage drama and twist.

Karthik’s clothes are attached to something, then he goes to Naira to get the clothes washed
Today Karthik is in a romantic mood and Naira also starts singing for a while after that Naira comes to his brother Lakshya and Lakshya gets Sita and Kundan, then Sita asks about Tina how is your sister Tina but not Lakshya I knew what the story was, after that Naira sees this scene, then Naira and Karthik come and handle that position.

Sita and Kundan Naira leave for Karthik’s house. After that Sita asks to see Naira’s dance, then everyone is silent after that. Then Sita asks Naira that Naira says we will definitely after that. People go for swinging, Karthik’s grandmother swings the swing, after that Sita swings the swing but Kundan had already cut the rope from her. Now the rope breaks but before that rope breaks Naira sees it and tells Karthik Karthik and Naira save Sita, after that Kundan says that this people are not right from here but Sita says no it is right and it was an accident, we are not going anywhere, after that Kundan is in more depression. Comes because he was talking to Dill Dunkey.

Sita says let’s eat some dish first and then sign the deal after that something sweet.

In the next update you will see that Naira was made Tina by Kundan and put on her floor.

By Nishu

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