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GOOGLE Full Form?

Full-Form Of GoogleGlobal Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth

  • G – Global
  • O – Organization of
  • O – Oriented
  • G – Group
  • L – Language of
  • E – Earth

In today’s world whenever we enter the world of the internet the first name that we got to hear is GOOGLE.

Users who use the internet are familiar with this word and use this thing in different ways.

But in reality, very few people know what actually GOOGLE is. In reality, Google is a multinational company that provides internet services and products.

Google includes many services under its online advertising, technology, search cloud computing, software, and hardware comes.

History Of Google

History Of Google

Google was established in1996 by larry page & Sergey Brin. Not only this both were studying Ph.D. in Standford University.

In this, both stated this as a search engine in his search, then named this Google

Google word comes from another word googol.

At the starting google was used for Standford University and was run under the official website under the university.

There is a concept behind this search engine i.e to compare the same types of sites. In one googol after 1 hundred zero are placed.

Google was founded by Andy Bechtolsheim, who was the co-founder of Sun Microsystems

This funding was given when google was not available in the market in any way.

After its massive success google was also funded by 3angel investor in google other peoples

  • Jeffrey Preston Bezos (CEO and President of Amazon)
  • David Cheriton (Professor, Standford University)
  • Ram Shriram (American businessman)

In a year at the end of 1998 and starting off 1999 by the July 1999 google got funds over 25 million dollar

These types of funding include many investors like Cofflete, Sequoia Capital and many more

In the year 2001 due to page mechanism got patent. Officially this mechanism was given to Standford University in which as an inventer larry page name was given

Today Google is the most visited website. Under Google, there are many services

Google has 9 data centre in the United States beside this Google has 2 data centre in Asia and 4 in Europe.

What Is google consumer services?

For email there is Gmail for time management google calendar navigation satellite and for mapping there is the google map,

for cloud storage there is google drove for productivity there are google docs, for sheet or slides,

photos  storage and for sharing google photos, language translation there is google translate,

for viewing video there is youtube for social sites google plus

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